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Besides Birth, Marriage and Death certificates, we offer a large array of document services from Spain:
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•  Apostille Legalization
•  Consular legalization
•  Criminal Record Certificate or Police Certificate
•  Certified English translations
•  Last Wills & Testaments
•  Divorce Decrees and Settlements
•  Property Certificates:
         Find out the ownership and price history of a real estate property
  Find out if a person owns real estate property in Spain
•  Baptismal Certificates and other church documents
•  Verification of authenticity of Spanish certificates
•  Marital Status verification
•  Locating lost Friends or Relatives in Spain
•  Genealogical Research

We deliver the documents Worldwide.
If you need assistance on any of the above or on a different matter, please send us an e-mail explaining what you require.

Our email address is: info@certificados.pro