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Maria (Pepa) Lorenzo
Languages: Spanish, English, Catalan
Alberto Colneiro
Document management
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Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French
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My wife and I wanted a copy of the certificate of birth of her father who was born in Spain. We were hesitant to place our faith and trust in, a business that is one third of the globe removed from us. Our only alternative would be a costly trip to Spain. We now realize we absolutely had no reason to be concerned. We are sincerely thankful to Maria of for the promptness, proficiency and professionalism of her service.
Wes F., Saratoga, CA, USA

I cannot thank you enough for your services. You were not only prompt and very professional, you went above and beyond expectations, and took very professional interest in tracking down the leads and obtaining the death certificate that we needed. I highly recommend use of your services and would be happy to convey my satisfaction to anyone interested.
Nancy C., East Quogue, NY, USA 

I am honestly surprised at the level of service I received, purely because I Googled a company to help me and just never know what to expect. You do not even know if it is a legitimate company. What made it even easier is that I could communicate in English and I had no need to try and express myself in Spanish. I can't speak the language and most sites are only Spanish sites. There was constant communication, which I appreciate. Once the documents were mailed I was even more nervous, our postal service in South Africa is in shambles right now. This was really a painless exercise and I want to thank you for your professional service and help!
Marina G., Welgemoed, Capetown, South Africa

Pepa helped me obtain a Spanish medical death certificate. I surfed the net for weeks trying to sort this out and had almost decided it was impossible, until just before I gave up I came across website. I emailed Pepa and got a quick response, I was amazed as it was the weekend. This efficiency continued throughout, with multiple emails back and forth, it resulted in a medical death certificate that was more like a report, which I believe to be due to Pepa fully explaining our situation and of course a thoughtful doctor willing to give his time. I have never took the trouble to write a review before as I have never come across such efficiency and understanding. If anyone has a similar problem please don't hesitate to use Pepa as you will be in very good hands.
Ian O., Liverpool, UK

I am a genealogist and probate administrator, and Pepa continues to provide a first-class professional service, and is a pleasure to deal with. I would thoroughly recommend her services to other professional organizations and individual clients.
Philip C., Gatwick, UK

Fantastic and fast documentation with clearly explained costings. Anyone should feel reassured and confident using this service. Thank you Maria.
Lisa T., South Australia, Australia
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