Last Will Certificate
& Testament
Last Will Certificates can only be obtained for persons that have already died. Before obtaining the Last Will Certificate it is necessary to  obtain the death certificate first.

For privacy reasons only direct family members are permitted to obtain a copy of the testament. If you are not a family member, you are also entitled to a copy if your name is expressly mentioned in the testament as an heir.

To obtain a copy of the testament I require a witten  authorization. Please ask for instructions on how it should be done.

• Death Certificate: 53 Euros
• Last Will Certificate: 90 Euros
• Copy of Testament: please ask for a price estimate

Processing Time
15 days on average.
Last Will Certificate
This document lists all testaments (wills), if any, a person may have made in Spain throughout his/her lifetime. It will indicate the date the testament was made, and the name of the Notary office where it was recorded.
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